Foundación Cimas Response to the concept note call submitted by eSAC

The project eSAC was developed jointly by the International Center of research for development (IDRC), the University of Toronto and the Pan American Health Organization. The objective of this project is to improve the health of disadvantaged groups and to contribute to the advancement of health equity and the welfare of marginalized in the region.

The eSAC launched the call "'Solutions to Problems of Public Health in Latin America and the Caribbean, equity-oriented and based on the Use of ICTS”, inviting researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean to present innovative solutions to the problems and challenges of public health.

In response, Fundación Cimas del Ecuador presented a first concept note entitled "Local Georeferenced information Processing System: instrument for targeting priority groups, monitoring and evaluation of interventions, reduction of inequities and improving collective health". After a difficult and rigorous selection process, on 11 October 2013, eSAC sent an email informing that Fundación Cimas was selected to submit a full proposal.

+ Info: Candidates selected for Phase II

The Department of Projects Management and the Directors of Fundación Cimas are working hard and with passion to send the complete proposal of the successful experience obtained in the Pedro Moncayo County as a result of many years of work