Our Program Approach

Our academic programs follow an interdisciplinary, holistic and team-taught approach aimed at developing critical thinking. From a cultural perspective, the Western worldview is contrasted with other worldviews such as those held by Indigenous, Afro-Ecuadorian and Mestizo people. Our program integrates concepts such as modernity and progress as a basis for understanding some of the contradictions of implemented development models in Ecuador and Latin America, such as the manifestation of the global economic, social, political, environmental and cultural crisis that are seen in the world today.

Cimas offers the opportunity for a community of learning that includes students, teachers, social leaders and organizations through participation in community projects and internships. This enables direct contact with the Ecuadorian people and their culture, improving Spanish language skills while creating a space for the construction of alternatives for a more egalitarian society, contributing to the improvement of living conditions, linking academia with local life.


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Living wiht a Host Family

Living with an Ecuadorian family is a unique and enriching experience for students. It enables them to improve their language skills in real life situations and learn about the values and traditions of an Ecuadorian family within the social, political and cultural context. Treated as members of their host families, students will participate in all social activities, developing friendships and family ties that last beyond the duration of the academic program.