Programs sponsored by the University of Minnesota

Minnesota Studies in International Development (MSID).
Options: Fall Semester, Spring Semester or Academic Year

MSID is a comprehensive program focused on development and its contradictions, consisting of these optional areas (tracks) of specialization: Public Health, Environment, Microfinance, Social Service, Education and Arts, Spanish and Culture.

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IMER (International Medical Education and Research).
Options: Advanced Spanish Program. Summer Term

This program is conducted in the summer. It is sponsored by the Learning Abroad Center at the University of Minnesota and is an experiential learning program for medical students. The program is completed through 5-week internships in hospitals, clinics and health centers in both urban and rural areas.

Global Experience Program
Dates and duration set by teachers and students involved.

Sponsored by the Learning Abroad Center at the University of Minnesota, who developed short-term experiential programs in various areas of study—such as Multicultural Studies, Medicine, Nursing, Nutrition, Agriculture—which integrate field trips and/or short internships. Occasionally professors from the University of Minnesota lead these programs, using Ecuadorian teachers as support.

Knowledge Exchange
Spring Semester.

Sponsored by the College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Sciences Resource, this program facilitates the exchange of knowledge between ancestral groups native to Minnesota and Ecuador.

Physiotherapy Program

In partnership with organizations in physiotherapy, CIMAS provides internships to students with this specialization from the University of Minnesota. Students participate in experiential learning of physical therapy with different organizations and rehabilitation centers.