Programs sponsored by the University of Minnesota

MSID (Minnesota Studies in International Development)

MSID is a comprehensive program focused on development and its contradictions, consisting of these optional areas (tracks) of specialization: Public Health, Environment, Microfinance, Social Service, Education and Arts, Spanish and Culture.

Option: Academic Year

Working with NGOs and/or small/rural communities is one of the most important components of this intercultural experience as it enables students to explore different world views, cultural values, and especially perceptions around the relationship between human beings and their environment

Individual projects or internships enable students to conduct participatory research and/or participate in service programs led by NGOS or small communities

During the internship, students integrate theoretical concepts and field observations to produce a final paper that reflects upon daily life for specific communities and populations in Ecuador. The MSID Academic Year Program offers three academic seminars which aim to enhance students’ research techniques and methodologies.

  • Duration: 15 weeks (At least 30 hours weekly in the organization)
  • Credits: 16 credits