Scheduled Activities


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Dec 28, 2013 Global Seminar: Condor meet the Eagle
Jan 2, 2014 Globlar Semianar: Water Management
Jan 3, 2014 Spanish Presession
Jan 4, 2014 Faculty Visity from Bucknell University
Jan 6, 2014 MSID AY Interships
Jan 28, 2014 MSID SPRING Semester
Feb 16, 2014 MARL Minnesota Agriculture and Rural Leadership program
More Activities
  • CIMAS foundation staff accompanied the Optometry TWECS EYE CARE MISSION

  • International Seminar of Irrigation and Drainage 2013

  • Fundación Cimas Response to the concept note call submitted by eSAC

  • Presentation of results obtained from the Agricultural Community Census and Irrigation (CECAR, Censo Comunitario Agropecuario y Riego) to FAO

    International Publications
  • Acetylcholinesterase Activity, Cohabitation with Floricultural Workers, and Blood Pressure in Ecuadorian Children

    More News

    ...Ecuador is one of the 17 countries classified as “mega-diverse?

    ...Ecuador consists of 14 nationalities and 18 indigenous groups, turning it into a multiethnic and multicultural country.

    ...the country's official name is "Republic of Ecuador"?

    ...the east coast of Ecuador is the area of the rainforest, and in this area you will find the lowest percentages of population of the entire country?

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