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Community Projects developed by Cimas

  • Participation and organization of the Cantonal Council of Health, development of Cantonal Health Plan and annual operating plans.
  • Design and implementation of the geo-referenced Local Community Information System (SILC), which integrates information gathered and updated in a participatory community census, which helps to identify community needs. This system provides support in the formulation of policies, plans and local development programs, and also monitors and measures social impacts of these processes.
  • Organization of and support for Centers of Capacitation and the Promotion of Health and Development (CAPSYD) in each of the rural districts of the Canton Pedro Moncayo; Assistance to community groups in the promotion of health care, community solidarity and cultural identity, and implementation of alternative development strategies to enrich social organization and improve the living conditions of the local population.
  • Organization and support for Elderly Adult Daily Care Centers (CECUIDA), a community space where comprehensive care focuses on nutrition, health, physiotherapy, community occupational therapy and social advancement of the elderly.
  • Technical assistance in elaboration of Development Plans for Land Management (PEDOT) in the rural districts of the Canton of Pedro Moncayo.

Research Projects

  • Public health in Canton Pedro Moncayo.
  • Community perspectives on the impacts of pesticide use.
  • Impacts of secondary exposure to pesticides on the neuromotor development of preschool children.
  • Different cultural perspectives on the health of local populations.
  • Development of a geo-referenced local information system based on community participation.
  • Recovery of ancestral knowledge, health practices and use of medicinal plants.

Small Business Projects

  • Microcredit program that supports the development of agricultural and livestock operations, as well as the production of traditional crafts as a means to empower women’s groups in particular.