Medicine and Public Health
  • Bustamante, Vanessa
    Doctor, Master’s Degree in Public Health. Specialist in areas of maternal and child health, health services organization.
  • Farinango, Matilde.
    Doctor, specialist in Intercultural Health. Director of Hospital Cayambe.
  • Patiño, Fausto.
    Doctor, Master’s Degree in Public Health and PhD in Public Health. Research and Health Services Administration specialist.
  • Suárez-López, José.
    Doctor, Master’s Degree in Public Health, PhD in Epidemiology. Specialist in studies of environmental factors on health.
  • Suárez-López, Luis.
    MSpecialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics. Teaching and research in reproductive health.
Interculturality and Anthropology
  • León, Edizon.
    PhD (c) in Latin American Studies. Specialty in intercultural and local development, with emphasis on African-Ecuadorian studies.
  • López Paredes, Dolores.
    Anthropologist, Master of Cultural Studies and PhD (c) in Latin American Studies. Specialist in interculturality and local development
  • Maldonado, Luis.
    specialist in Indigenous worldviews, and interculturality. Director of Center for Indigenous Leadership.
  • Mullo, Juan.
    Anthropologist, specialist in Ethnomusicology.
  • Puente, Eduardo.
    Lawyer and Doctorate in Jurisprudence, Master’s Degree in Latin American Studies, majoring in Cultural Policy.
Indigenous Philosophy and Worldview
  • Cachiguango, Enrique.
    Indigenous Philosopher, specialist in Andean Worldview.
  • Gordillo, Ruth.
    Coordinator of Theory and Criticism of the Ecuadorian Liberal Thought. Professor of Philosophy, Epistemology and Social Sciences.
  • Pilatuña, Jaime.
    Professor of the Indigenous Worldview. Shaman of the First Nation Quitucara.
  • Reascos, Nelson.
    Professor of Philosophy, Andean Worldview, Epistemology and Formal Logic. Former Dean of the Faculty of Human Sciences at the Universidad Católica. Professor and guest lecturer at several international universities.
  • Calispa, Fabián.
    Agroecology and Development specialist, integrated and self-sustaining farms. Master of Viable Agriculture and Rural Development.
  • Paredes, Miriam.
    Sociologist in Rural Development. Specialist in community natural resource management.
  • Chorlango, Gonzalo.
    Agroecology and food sovereignty in Canton Pedro Moncayo.
Biology and Natural Resources
  • Guamán, Fabricio.
    Biologist, specialist in studies of social and environmental impacts in the Amazon region.
  • Manresa, Antonia.
    Biologist, Social Researcher with an emphasis on studies in the Amazon region and development projects.
Sociology and Local Development
  • Chontasi, Luis.
    Doctorate in Sociology and Political Science with an emphasis on the management of local development and public policy.
  • Campoverde, Jacqueline.
    Specialist in Microfinance and Social and Solidary Economics.
  • Castelo, Emilia.
    Bachelor of Science in Education. Specialist in the Philosophy of Education.
  • Murgueytio, Marcelo.
    Master’s in Educational Project Design, Management and Pedagogy.
  • Paz y Miño, Juan.
    Doctorate in History. Historian of the City of Quito. Vice President of the Association of Historians of Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Reyes, Hernán.
    PhD(c) in Latin American Cultural Studies, Member of the American Association of Communication Researchers. Spanish as a Second Language
Spanish as a Second Language
  • Cornejo, Carina.
    Bachelor of Science in Education. Professor of Spanish as a Second Language.
  • Garzón, Hugo.
    Teacher of Spanish as a Second Language.
  • Rodriguez, Alexanda.
    Bachelor of Language and Communication. Professor of Language, Literature and Spanish.
Community Leadership
  • Acosta, Salomón.
    Afro-Ecuadorian leader, teacher and representative of the local government of Mascarilla, with expertise in community development.
  • Andrango, Rumiñahui.
    Community leader, Indigenous Movement leader and President of the Union of Farmworker Organizations of Cotacachi.
  • Chorlango, Gonzalo.
    Community leader with expertise in agroecology and food sovereignty, Canton Pedro Moncayo.
  • Churucumbi, Gabriel.
    Community leader, social researcher, leader of the indigenous movement.
  • Guatemal, Manuel.
    Community leader with expertise in Indigenous worldview, San Clemente, Imbabura.
  • Mantilla, Cecilia.
    Lawyer. Specialist in Local Government legislation. Former Mayor of the Canton Pedro Moncayo.
  • Morocho, Hilario.
    Community leader with expertise in agroecology and food sovereignty, Canton Pedro Moncayo.
  • Pila, Santos.
    Lawyer, community leader, with expertise in indigenous worldview and flower developmental processes in Canton Pedro Moncayo.