Cimas Staff

  • López Paredes, Dolores
    President of the foundation and Director of the Collaborative Ecuador-Washington Program. Coordinator of Community Programs. B.A., M.A. in Social Sciences, and PhD (c) in Latin American Cultural Studies.
  • Suárez-Torres, José
    Executive Director of the Foundation and Director of the Minnesota Studies in International Development Program. Coordinator of Research Projects. Doctor, Master of Public Health, PhD in Epidemiology.
  • Zapata, Glenysis
    Bilingual Executive Secretary. Bachelor in Education with a minor in English.
  • Maldonado, Fredy
    Bilingual, Computer technician and computer networks. Engineer in Computer Science, specializing in local area networks and technical support
  • Castelo, Emilia
    Academic coordinator in areas of education. Bachelor in Education
  • Charpentier, Ismael
    Academic coordination area,spanish teacher. Senior Technician in Business Administration specialized in cargo transportation and logistics. Trilingual.
  • Trávez-Sánchez, Carlos
    Coordinator of Community Projects and Research. Business Administration, Master of Information Systems.
  • De la Cruz, Franklin
    Responsible for Local Community Information System (SILC).Degree in Computer Science.
  • Catucuamba, Verónica
    Responsible for accounting and financial areas of the institution. Certified Public Accountant, specializing in Accounting and Auditing.
  • González, David
  • Pintado, Vicente
    Maintenance of the building.