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Ecuador, located on the Pacific coast of South America, is a country where biodiversity, multi-culturalism, and the warmth of the Ecuadorian people combine to make Ecuador the unique and colorful place it is. Ecuador offers unforgettable and profound learning experiences and opportunities.

In this context, Fundación Cimas del Ecuador provides academic programs that enable students to think critically about development and its impacts on Ecuadorian and Latin American life. Through lectures, seminars, field trips, and interactions with Indigenous, Afro-Ecuadorian and Mestizo cultures, CIMAS’s academic programs link with research projects and communities in the search for an alternative type of development based on human welfare and a respect for nature.

Ecuador, a Mega Diverse Country

Located on the equator, or "middle of the world,” Ecuador’s richness is spread throughout 4 natural regions:

  • the warm Pacific COAST with its long tropical beaches;
  • the majestic Ecuadorian ANDES;
  • the exotic AMAZON jungle,
  • the unique GALAPAGOS ISLANDS.

Ecuador combines the beauty of its unique natural environment with the culture, history and traditions of its people and offers all that is needed to satisfy the desires of visitors. Aside from its beautiful scenery, visitors will enjoy the hospitality of Ecuador’s people and engage in various activities in any of its many tourist destinations.

Ecuador, a Multiethnic and Multicultural Country

The cultural diversity that exists in Ecuador is truly exceptional. Here one can learn firsthand about ethnic groups and their traditions, cultures and diverse world views, which offer important alternatives for a harmonious relationship between humans and nature, based on principles of solidarity and reciprocity.

Participating in CIMAS makes it possible to experience a wide range of cultures in both urban and rural communities, and an extraordinary ecologic diversity.

Useful Link: Confederación de Nacionalidades Indígenas del Ecuador:


Ecuador is one of 17
countries classified
as “mega-diverse

14 nationalities and
18 indigenous groups